Project CHROMATIC LANDSCAPE OF CHILE, support program creation research artist “FOUNDATION ANDES”- 2003
Regarding this project, the following prominent painters commented:

Benito Rojo:

• "...I believed that Andrés Figueroa has achieved a high level of development throguh a quiet and steady work. I see an important in overcoming that craft and maturity in their proposals..."

• "...i think its very interesting project because it´s geared to a rereading of our territory, from the aerial perspective, replacing the traditional look front, wich promotes a new awareness of the proposed order, as a viewer.."

Samy Benmayor:

• " Andrés Figueroa is very persevering and his painting is been evolve towards grater synthesis and their interest is very serious, deep and very respectable...."

• " is interesting as this project allows deepen their searches and aesthetic..."

EL MERCURIO, August 17, 2001.
“ The work of Andres Figueroa of the last time, tries to overlapping geometries wich together make up uncertain landscapes of great expressive force.. the grid could resemble interrupted synthesized images of any city in the world. They function as a core staff of elementary forms and structure that constantly repeats the same obsession. This sample is the conclusion of a job eight years. They are spiritual landscapes, but also very recognizable to me, almost realistic, very urban. It was a look the environment, but inwardly, introspective. While paintings that are close to abstraction, they are not completly, because the images are approaching a reality , not so obvious, but suggestions”...