Andres Figueroa Weitzman, chilean painter, was born in Santiago on april 1968. Lives and works in Santiago. Studied of plastic at institute of contemporary art. His works are in private collections and public in Chile, Brazil, Israel, Sweden, French, and EE.UU. among others. Has participated in gorup exhibitions in Chile and abroad.

Plastic will start the drawing, with images and characters oniricas, erotiticism. However, and over time, painting move the drawing, but somehow always staying in the service of it.

Work its pictorial it self begins with the series “TAIRA” (1993-1995), with An absolutely monochromatic palette, focosing on land colors, gray, siena, ochre and veladuras in similar tones, wich arose mysterious and strange internal organic uterine, biological. Taira refers to the care paintings of nothern chile on the bill for these works, the artist tries an approach to it, trough the pictogram.

Product of that restricted colour palette, begins a new stage creative, timidly appoaching its inception in color and then emerge as a huge explosion chromatic. In recent years has focoused on a deep and introspective investigaton of the color, with its great motiv lei, wich Has resulted the series “ INSIDE LANDSCAPES”

This last pictorial series consits of three stapes:

“LANDSCAPES” (1996-2000), “URBAN LANDSCAPES” (1996-2000) and the already names “INSIDE LANDSCAPES” (2001-2008).

Andrés Figueroa mantains in this final years of artist production a constant and deep reflection on aspectas colors, topographic and morphological landscape, forms of texture and materials that make up the representation of ono aspect of geography. This introspectivelook doesn not represent a real landscape if not refered to the area or try to build a spiritual geography of the soul.

Geometries that are overlapping as a whole conform uncertain landscapes of great expressive force. Interrupted the grid could resemble synthesized images of any city in this world. (El Mercurio, 17/08/2001 )

The landscape is a pretext to deal with plastic color as an element in the anthropological essential to make the man, as one of the constraints on our way of being, feel and relate.

On the bill of his plays in the find period, dominates the spontaneous use of the stain and its subsequent interpretation, from where it builds its landscape.

Andrés Figueroa addresses the painting from the use of classic techniques, but to provide the bill of the same work a wealth of material, fom classical to pigmentod oil, sand, charcoal and veladuras, among other plastical resources.


1985-1987: Drawing and painting Institute of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile.

1988-1990: Stay in Israel and Spain. Baccalaureate Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty Mount Scopus,
Jerusalem, Israel


1999-2002: Rawing and painting workshops, Santiago Chile.

1996-1997: Cultural Corporation of Providence, art workshop, Santiago, Chile.

1996: College Etievan, Art workshop, Basic cycle, Santiago, Chile.

1996: College Nocedal, headed by Professor basic cycle of the area of fine arts, Santiago, Chile

1994-1995: Children´s Creativity workshop, with painters and Pilar Contardo, Carolina Barros Catholic University, Santiago, Chile.


2009: Individual Expositions, Gallery Espacio Kubiko, Madrid. España.

2009: Individual Expositions, Corporación Cultural de Las Condes.

2009: Selected, at the XI International Arts Festival in May 2009, Museum Gallery Carlos Merida, Antigua Guatemala.


2002: Collective Cultural Center Municipality of Algarrobo, Chile.

2002: Collective Resort San Alfonso del Mar, Algarrobo, Chile.

2002: Exhibitions and Charity auction, Animal Gallery, Santiago, Chile.

2001: “Open 2001” Exhibitions infoarte, Santiago, Chile.

2001: Collective events center “Borde Rio”, Santiago, Chile.

2001: Couple Figueroa - Espinoza, GM Gallery Art, city business, Huechuraba, Santiago, Chile.

2001: Collective, “Night of Art”, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile.

1999: “My film icon”, selected, Montecarmelo, Cultural Center, Santiago, Chile.

1998: “six Chilean young Artists Gallery, Museum Carlos Merida, Antigua, Guatemala.

1997: “How i dream New York” Project for the recovery and nutrition of children disabled, Santiago, Chile.

1997: Couple Figueroa – Barros, Melchor Concha workshop, Santiago, Chile.

1997: “Collective White Room”,Open Workshop,Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 216, Santiago, Chile.

1995: “Help me to paint” Gallery Posada del corregidor, Santiago, Chile.

1994: Competition in Chile Ecology, national Museum of “Bellas Artes”, Santiago, Chile.

1993: II Painting Biennial Competition Award Edgar Günther, Matte hall, National Museum of fine arts, Santiago, Chile.

1993: National art contest xv youth Center Extension University Of Valparaiso, Chile.

1993: Competition Matisse, French Chilean Institute of culture- National Museum of fine art, Room Nemesio Antunez, Santiago, Chile.

1993: Proyectarte 93 (Project art), Room Matta, National Museum “Bellas Artes”, Santiago, Chile.

1992: “Americas Yesterday and Today” Contest Marco A. Bontá, Cultural Institute of Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

1991: “Foreign students”, hebrew University, College of Mount scopus, Jerusalem, Israel.